Faith Formation

One of the most important tasks a parish can perform is the religious education of its young people.  While parents and guardians are the prime educators of their children, our Church is responsible for assisting them in helping these youngsters to grow in understanding, knowledge, and acceptance of the Lord I their lives, and to grow ever stronger in the practice of their faith.  We walk with them in this journey of faith through traditional classroom instruction, various liturgical services, sacramental programs, and, most importantly, through a personal sharing of our relationship with God.  We seek to help our young people to see God as a friend in their lives, and someone whom they might seek to imitate in their lives.

This ministry has many opportunities for parishioner involvement.  Currently, we serve the needs of over 330 children from grades 1 through 10, with nearly 60 volunteer catechists of all ages and walks of life.  Together with the religious education administrator and the action of the Holy Spirit in their hearts, they bring life experiences to the classroom as leaders to foster the growth of our young people in the ways of the Church.  The varied backgrounds of our catechists have one element in common: the desire to work with and to share their faith with young people. Professionals both on and off the premises throughout the year provide training to our catechists.

Classes are held weekly from September to May, on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday, and generally follow the public school schedule. Classes last one hour per session.  Class work is enhanced in many ways.  These include:

  • Special liturgies at all grade levels

  • First Communion paraliturgies, parent meetings, May procession, and Breakfast

  • Teaching about Mass sessions

  • Clergy involvement

  • Commitment Mass for our Confirmation students

  • Confirmation full-day retreat

  • Jesse Tree Liturgy

  • Sexuality program and church teachings

  • Penance services and First Penance

  • Video presentations on various church topics of interest

  • Opportunities for parish service through food drives, Lenten offerings, food baskets, hospitalities, etc.

  • Opportunity to serve as Altar servers or members of our Junior and Senior Youth Groups

For further questions, to volunteer, or for any other purpose, please feel free to contact our Religious Education Director, Barbara Cole, at 978-897-4612.

Our young people are our greatest asset.  Our catechists are committed to lead, guide, and respect them always. Welcome to Saint Bridget!

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